Embodied Posture - Scholarship Program

We are seeking a group of young women between the ages of 15-20 who are interested in attending a 10-day Yoga Teacher Training Program led by Stacy Dockins, author of Embodied Posture: Your Unique Body and Yoga. This program will give you the skills to share a yoga practice that emphasizes body and breath awareness as tools for self-compassion and resilience. You will be immersed in daily yoga practice, mindfulness practice and lecture, breathing exercises, journaling, and discussion. Those selected will attend free of charge.


As a young woman, navigating the ever-changing landscape of your teen years can be challenging. Challenge is a normal aspect to a healthy life, yet when we don't have the tools to move through stressful circumstances, these tough times can have a negative effect on our sense of self and belonging. Yoga has been shown to increase resilience to stress and increase overall feelings of wellness. This program invites you to have your own experience of yoga, while gaining the tools to share with others.

In this program, you will learn:

·       Yoga Posture Alignment for Diverse Bodies

·       Basic Anatomy and Structural Variation

·       The Skills to Deliver a Basic Yoga Class Geared Toward Self-Compassion and Resilience

·       Physiology of Breath / Breathing Exercises

·       Mindful Awareness Meditation

·       Tools for Cultivating Compassionate Self- and Other-Relationships

·       Stress Resilience Mechanisms

·       A Journaling Methodology for On-Going Self-Inquiry and Empowerment  

My hope is to help you emerge with the knowing that you have a voice, you matter, and you have much to share with the world.
— Stacy Dockins

If you feel called to this in any way, please consider applying.

  • Program Location: Yoga Project School of Yoga—Fort Worth, TX

  • Program Dates: July 25-August 3

  • Daily Hours: 8-4

**100% Attendance is required.

This is a tuition free program and space is limited. We ask that parents not apply on behalf of the applicant. We'd like to hear directly from those wanting to participate.