Embodied Posture

Your Unique Body & Yoga: A Guide for Student & Teacher

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Stacy shares the intention and inspiration behind her new book Embodied Posture released January 2019. Embodied Posture can be purchased on Amazon Prime!

Finally—A book on yoga alignment for EVERY body!

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Embodied Posture Methodology, or EPM, empowers you to align yoga postures to best suit your uniqueness. Through over 25 years of studying the human body and teaching yoga, Stacy Dockins developed this innovative approach that integrates bio-individuality and long-term, sustainable functional wellness.  Combining body awareness, science, and exploration, Stacy provides practical information you can immediately apply on your mat to get the most out of your practice.

Each posture is presented as a collection of movement actions, enabling you to skillfully deconstruct and reconstruct them for your maximum benefit. Clear, brilliant photographs, combined with detailed anatomical illustrations, show the inner workings of the poses. Discussions of possible structural limitations and common injuries, as well as helpful modifications, are included. Plus, Stacy’s exploratory cues will guide you to experience various sensations available in the postures.

Whether you are a student or a teacher, EPM will show you how to critically approach postural alignment. Yoga poses will be more accessible and effective than ever before. Most importantly, you will cultivate the tool of Embodiment, the ability to tune in to what is arising from within your own body.

“The very first yoga postures were done as an exploration of the human body when put in certain positions. Without books, these first explorers had to rely on what was happening internally as they imitated trees, cows, and other stances of being.

In Embodied Posture, Stacy has not only given us guidelines for understanding anatomy, alignment, and function.  She has also given each of us permission to return to this original exploratory spirit of yoga.”

—Deborah Adele, Author of The Yamas and Niyamas: Exploring Yoga’s Ethical Practice

"Books, videos and podcasts for yoga students and teachers abound, but Stacy Dockins’s Embodied Posture stands out. Well grounded in science, particularly human anatomy, and deeply rooted in the spiritual goals of yoga practice, Stacy uses scientific understanding to drive students to a mastery of the asanas that is healthful and spiritually fulfilling.   Especially useful are the many kinesthetic cues which help instructors connect understanding to feelings & sensations and which allow a student to correct a posture by self-adjusting until it feels right. Illuminating, practical and accessible, Embodied Posture is a unique resource that makes a satisfying yoga practice easier to achieve."

—Dr. Peter Roland, Emeritus Professor of Head and Neck surgery, University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center

The mark of a great teacher is someone who can take an intangible concept and break it down into tangible, accessible and concrete learning opportunities.  All the while still allowing the student the space and freedom to learn intuitively and have their own unique experience. Stacy has been this kind of teacher for me and my entire team.  She has taught us how to practice this way and deliver this kind of experience to our yoga students. Stacy isn’t afraid to ask why or try something new and encourages her students to do the same.  She has a deep desire to learn, recognizing there is never just one way to do something.

I would recommend Stacy’s book to anyone looking to deepen their relationship with their yoga practice and in turn, with themselves.  This book is a must have on any yoga teachers reference shelf or teacher training reading list.”

—Mandy Roush, Founder and Teacher, Root Down Yoga Studio